1001 Nights:
The Tale of the Trader and the Jinni

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Welcome to the 1,001 Nights: Tale of the Trader and the Jinni digital humanities website. Here you are able to take a closer look at a few editions of the text, compare for yourself how these editions differ, and also read about the history of 1001 Nights. Below you will find a brief description of the various links on the site. Enjoy!

About this digital humanities project: Here you can find information about this website, the people involved and other background information involving this project. Go here if you want to know who exactly this site is designed for and some helpful information that might make your experience on this site more enjoyable!

History of 1001 Nights: Here you can find some information regarding the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales known as 1001 Nights, which is also known in English as the Arabian Nights. Here you can also find some useful links for expanding your knowledge on 1001 Nights.

Various texts of 1001 Nights: Here you can browse and compare three versions of a story from 1001 Nights. This is the meaty portion of the site that lets you see how different Burton's translation is from Lyons' version. And of course there is an Arabic version included. Any language learners of Arabic are strongly encouraged to see how much they can pick up! Don't worry, selected words are spread throughout the all three texts for ease of navigation and additional information!

Site project documents: Here you can take a look at some of the documents that went into making this site look and feel the way that it does.