Metrical Analysis of Russian Verse

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Texts are sorted alphabetically by the poet’s surname, then chronologically for each poet, and then alphabetically by title.

Title Author Date Contributor
Вечером А. Ахматова 1913 DJB
Незнакомка А. Блок 1906 DJB
Ночь, улица, фонарь, аптека … А. Блок 1912 DJB
Она З. Гиппиус 1905 DJB
Нелюбовь З. Гиппиус 1907 DJB
Руслан н Людмила (excerpt) А. С. Пушкин 1817–20 DJB
Русалка А. С. Пушкин 1819 DJB
Пророк А. С. Пушкин 1826 DJB
Сказка о Царе Салтане, о сыне его славном и могучем богатыре
Князе Гвидоне Салтановиче и о прекрасной царевне лебеди (excerpt)
А. С. Пушкин 1831 DJB
Сказка о золотом петушке (excerpt) А. С. Пушкин 1835 DJB
Попытка ревности М. Цветаева 1924 DJB

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These pages contain metrical descriptions of selected Russian poems. The HTML is generated from XML source with XSLT scripts; some of the information (such as foot boundaries and rhyme) has been input directly, while other information (such as meter variation, word meter, and stressed vowel patters) is computed by the XSLT. Comments, suggestions, and textual contributions are welcome, and XML source and XSLT scripts are available on request; please write to David J. Birnbaum (

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